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Association des technologues en génie-biomédical du Québec

Offre d'emploi Technicien en génie biomédical-Chisasibi

  • Par atgbm
  • Le 15/06/2021 à 19:07
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P 2021 0329 biomedical technician chisasibi 1p-2021-0329-biomedical-technician-chisasibi-1.pdf (236.15 Ko)

Person whose main function, within a biomedical physics or engineering department, is to install, repair, check, calibrate, assemble and modify biomedical electronic equipment and to make the necessary recommendations in order to ensure that they function properly and safely. She/he may also, if necessary, perform similar tasks on industrial electronic equipment. She/he provides services to all the departments within the institution.




Offre d'emploi Technicien en génie biomédical

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